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Hi. This is our first EP. We got together in DC in mid-2013. We wanted to get some songs out there, so this demo EP was recorded in a whirlwind ten hour session at Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, Virginia by Don Zientara. We had a great time with Don, and we're very happy with what we came up with.


released March 22, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Polon/Polon/McLocklin/Easley
Recorded and Mixed by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio
Mastered by Brian Polon
Artwork by Jacob McLocklin



all rights reserved


Exit Vehicles Washington, D.C.

Independent music from DC/KY. We play shows sometimes.

Adam Polon/bass.
Brian Polon/guitar.
Jacob McLocklin/drums.
Brian Easley/vocals.

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Track Name: Millennial
Guess what
I’m not mad anymore
I think not
Think I evened the score
Take me
Take me back to your home
Feel that
Don’t feel all alone

And why not
Why can’t we go up north
Why can’t we take it
Live further up the shore
You’d think that
With everything that we’ve done
It wouldn’t matter
The past is gone

Not (Never) satisfied with going home
Wanna get out there we wanna know
It’s our turn to have a go
Don’t even think about saying no

You say
We aren’t good enough
We think
You‘re just talking tough
‘Cos we’ve seen
More than most have
And we think
More ain’t all that bad

Try this
Try to add it up
We wanna
Wanna flip that cup
Live life
Like it’s the only one
That we got
Hearts weigh a ton


We waited long enough
For somethin’ comin’
For somethin’
Kept promisin’ us
For somethin’
Kept promisin’ us
And nothin’
Track Name: Unplugged
Stop the act and drop the game
Never said you felt the same
Do whatever to me
Let ‘em think I disagree

I guess I am a fake
I make believe it’s love
And all my friends they cannot wait
For me to move on
And stop for pity’s sake
‘Cos you’re just like a drug
And all my strength you seem to take
I’ve been unplugged

Living with or without you
Seemed to make good sense
All I needed was a hint
Not some false pretense

We’re the only ones awake
Past and future are asleep
Out loud dreaming we walk on
Quietly the present creeps


Singing for you won’t even help
Living for you ain’t good enough
I guess that all I’ll ever be
Is somebody paid for on the cheap
Not gonna happen anymore
Not gonna let you win this war
Cannot imagine what they’d say
If we were to let it end this way

Don’t let it
Don’t let it
Don’t let it end
Track Name: Burn Your Name
Cover me with gasoline
Light it with a match for me
Whatever it’s ‘sposed to be
Really don’t mean a thing
When the world it fell asleep
We agreed on fire to keep
Just in case that day came
Here it is ain’t it strange

Only thing I can say is so long
Burn it up now, see how I learn

(Chorus I)
Pretend for a little while
Paint another pretty face
Wishing you had left me
Something more than burned
Believe for another day
That everything’s all right
Thinkin’ I could do much more
Another lesson learned

Play in the fire, celebrate
Tell your friends it’s only fate
Nevermind, don’t tell, it’s too late
I’m already ashes, babe

When the time comes to relate
All the plans we laid to waste
We’ll end up in some odd way
Mentioning only mistakes

(Chorus II)
You know that I feel the same
But that’s not good enough
Something ‘bout that seems to justify
That I’m going out tonight
To burn your name
Burn your name
Burn your name
Burn your name

(Chorus I)

Sifting through what you left
That’s what’s best
Gotta find one more little thing
Look another painted face
Tattooed the same
That’s enough of this stupid game

Only thing I can say is so long
Burn it up now, see how I learn
Track Name: Tsunami
Capsizing once again
My vessel caving in
Top sail gone to the wind
You stand there blowin’ it
My compass is all wrong
Queequeg and Starbuck sang the song
Your monsoon strong enough
White whale is coming up

Pretty smile
Pretty face
You said you’d be there
Oh you said you’d be there
Go ahead
Make my day
Come outside
Feel the rain
Under you
Like a wave
You’re a tsunami
Oh you’re a tsunami

HAL, open the pod bay doors
No Dave I heard you swore
You’d end me evermore
Too bad I’m in control
The monolith is near
Raise bones into the air
When will it reappear
Star Child is floating there


I can take it
Over and over again
I can take it
Over and over again
Track Name: Stands To Reason
Tired of reading
So much into it
It was never real in the first place
Can you see it?
What do you mean yeah?
It was never there in the first place
Every time we
Get so into it
How are you so damn serious?
One more time I
Gotta say it you ya
We may not make it out of this

Whatcha saving it for
Someone else ahead?
Not me
And I agree
I think this is
The way that it’s supposed to be

Stands to reason
I shouldn’t be here
Trying to pull off
Some kind of miracle
Open season
On what you want from me
All I’m saying
Nothing more can be done
Would it please him
For you to stay with me
In that case
End it before we begin (the end)

What do I care
If you don’t get it, babe
Doesn’t really matter anyway
What’ll you say if
I didn’t mention it
Wouldn’t wanna rain on your parade
Plenty of times we
Done what they all did
Out the gate it’s so damn similar
Gimme a minute
To whisper common sense
And maybe even you’ll start thinking that way

Whatcha saving it for
Someone else ahead?
Not me
And I agree
I think this is
The way that it’s supposed to be